generaltay: Let no word of honor be spoken of Dakog, exile of Armauk-Vras (dakog)
"No fear, no lies. A better world awaits. Hell yeah, I'm done. No coming back."
Basic Information

Elder Scrolls
30's (Skyrim), 17-29 (High Rock)
Orsimer (Orc)

Physical Characteristics

326 lbs
Hair Color:
Dark Brown (Hints of gray)
Eye Color:
Gold (Natural), Gray (Blind left eye)
Dakog is a massive beast of a mer, tall enough to strike fear with his shadow and broad enough that most doors hardly accommodate his frame. His thickly muscled body is riddled with scars, fleshy tattoos where sword, dagger, axe, and claw have rent his thick, muddy green skin. Among his most noteworthy wounds are the warped discolorations marking burn wounds across the right side of his face, the claw marks running down his back, and the vaguely diamond shaped mark where a spear pierced his chest and lung.


Class: Raider
Favored Attributes:
Strength, Endurance
Favored Skills: 
Blunt/Axe (Master), Heavy Armor (Master), Smithing/Armorer (Master), Block (Expert), Hand-to-Hand/Unarmed (Expert), Blade/Long Blade (Journeyman), Medium Armor (Journeyman)
Magic Resistance (Racial), Berserker Rage (Racial), Enhanced Combat Ability (Warrior Birthsign) 


Head: None
Steel Armor, Orcish Armor, Gray Tunic
Steel Gauntlets, Orcish Gauntlets
Steel Greaves, Orcish Greaves, Black Trousers
Steel Boots, Orcish Boots, Leather Boots

Right Hand:
Orcish Greataxe (Two-handed)
Left Hand:

Horse Meat, Cyrodilic Brandy
Hammer, Leather Strips, Wood Axe

Personal Information

Put simply, Dakog is a soldier. He has no dreams or aspirations but to slaughter, and the morality of his master carries significant weight in terms of how he can be expected to behave. That's not to say he feel particularly loyal to those giving him orders, on the contrary he's quick to abandon a job should things go sour or he receives a better offer. However, while he's on duty his actions are in line with whatever orders he's been given.

That said, when he has no master to chain him, the Orc falls into a chaotic and unpredictable state of behavior. Unleashed, Dakog is naught but a sadomasochistic brute with a need to vent his endless torrent of rage and aggression at the core of his being. That is not to say he is incapable of functioning within the confines of society, living, laughing, and even loving, but such behaviors are based almost entirely on who he finds in his surroundings and, indeed, who he finds himself in the service of.
True Neutral (Chaotic)
Orcish Strongholds (Exile), Bledtower (Sworn Blade, former), Thieves Guild (Thug)
Born late in the fourth era's first century, Dakog was raised as the favored son of Chief Vorrog of the Armauk-Vras stronghold. Situated in the Wrothgarian mountains, near Wayrest, Clan Armauk had established a long history of breeding the most ferocious raiders in the west. Dakog was no exception. Educated in the art of pillage and slaughter, it seemed his lot in life to succeed his father and become chief of the fierce Orcish marauders. Indeed, after one of their many raids, Dakog demanded a duel with his father and slew him in single combat. Little did he know his father was already dying, his body in the beginning stages of blood rot. All the same, Dakog had slain the old chief, and by Orcish custom would become the new.

But it was not to be. The wise woman of the tribe and Dakog's grandmother, Shatraug heard the voice of Malacath when reading the entrails after the death of her son the chief. It was not Dakog, but his younger brother Ancath, who would be named chief. The word of the wise woman had ever been known to overrule the standard trial-by-combat method of electing a new chief, but Dakog refused to hear it. In a blind rage, the once-favored son beat his brother near to death, leaving him crippled and near death. Ancath would recover, but his brother would never see that day. Dakog was exiled from the stronghold, his only chance at redemption in honorable death by combat. Little did he know that goal was out of his reach, for Malacath had laid upon his very soul a bloody and terrible curse:

May he who opposes me be banished from this place, and a curse be upon him. Until he finds honor in life, none shall greet him in death. His hairs will grow gray upon his head, and his body will wither away with the seasons. Pain and torment will follow his every step, but never shall he be blessed to fall in battle. He will die old and unavailed of purpose, and his pitiful soul will rot in the deepest mire of the Ashpit.

Knowing not of the curse that tainted his aim of death, Dakog laid a single-handed siege to the Bledtower, a fortress lying on the outskirts of Wayrest. The tower was lorded over by Salomon Bossuet, a powerful bannerman of Wayrest whose house was well known for its long and murky history of plots and assassinations. After slaying several dozen men in a blind rage, Dakog was pierced through the chest by a lance, impaling him and ending his rampage. He should have died. Any normal individual should have died, but he refused. Rumors soon spread through Wayrest of this monster and his fortitude, and he became known as the Unslain.

It would be a year before this title bore any weight, however. Imprisoned beneath the Bledtower, Dakog was subjected to interrogation and torture at the hands of a Redguard named Rahm, a former pirate with a strange affinity for the more painful side of restoration magic. By manipulating the energies of life itself, the old sea dog was able to make his victims experience internal wounds great enough to kill them a thousand times over, only to reverse the work at the last second and keep them in agony. Dakog became one of his favorite playthings, and he even took a strange liking to the Orc, going so far as to teach him the common tongue during their lengthy "sessions."

Ultimately, Dakog's freedom from this strange hell would be granted by the young Gervais Bossuet, who became Lord of the Bledtower after his father's untimely death. Though it was never confirmed, many rumors circulated that the Orc had played some part in the old man's assassination. Many claimed he swung the executioner's blade himself. 

Gervais was a prideful but inept leader, and his peasants never thought well of him. When he had a young girl executed for speaking ill of him, rebellion came to the Bledtower. The common folk raised up Salomon’s bastard son Mathias as their new lord, and stormed the fortress in one of the bloodiest revolts in Wayrest history. Dakog bathed in the blood of countless rebels on that day, but Gervais was killed in a duel with his brother. It is said that after Mathias seized the tower, the Unslain Orc escaped by cutting down all in his path, guardsmen and peasant alike. 

Dakog fled east, traveling through the Reach and into Skyrim. He has since established himself as one of the bloodiest, most brutal mercenaries in the business. However, since settling in Riften and becoming a hired thug of the thieves guild, his demeanor has been changed somewhat. That is, he seems to have lost sight of the decades long pursuit of death that had dominated the course of his entire life. Instead, he can more oft than not be found drinking himself into an ever deeper haze, drowning out a lifetime of battles in a bottle of ale.


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